Wellhead systems serve as the termination point of casing and tubing strings. As such, these systems control pressure and provide access to the main bore of the casing or tubing or to the annulus. This pressure-controlled access allows drilling and completion activities to take place safely with minimal environmental risk. Multiple barriers are used, such as primary and secondary seals, to reduce risk in case of equipment failure.

The objective of this course is to provide an overview of the types of wellhead systems and equipment commonly found on wells drilled in today’s oil and gas industry and then taking a step forward into wellhead design.

Course coverage: 

  • Introduction to wellhead
  • Types of wellhead systems
  • Exploration and production wellhead
  • Onshore/ offshore wellheads
  • Product material specifications
  • API material classes
  • Temperature classes
  • Wellhead seals
  • Types of seals
  • Seal testing
  • Wellhead components
  • Wellhead installation
  • Wellhead protection
  • Monitoring and maintenance
  • Christmas tree
  • Wellhead design considerations
  • Formation fluid pressure
  • Formation fluid temperature
  • Nature of fluids
  • Corrosive fluid wells,
  • High H2S concentration
  • Sand production problem
  • Quality control

 Participant Profile:

The course will be very constructive for trainees or professionals involved in wellhead installation, maintenance and interventions. Participants will explore the requirements for wellhead design considering formation pressure, formation temperature and corrosive nature of formation fluids. The course is equally beneficial for the students and fresh graduates of Petroleum, mechanical, metallurgical and industrial& manufacturing, engineering departments interested in wellhead systems design.

Instructor Profile:

An experienced and highly qualified professional in the field of wellhead design will conduct this course.


The course will be delivered through well elaborative lectures, multimedia presentations, animations and videos.

Learning Outcome:

Participants shall be able to get the knowledge of designing wellhead, its installation and maintenance.