A Comprehensive Training on Plastic Injection Mould Designing

Mould designing is a fundamental step in plastic product design & development. Parts from household appliances to aerospace applications involve injection moulding process. This course will cover the nomenclature, design and basics of mould & components. Process of digital design and manufacturing will be introduced to enhance the speed and accuracy in design and manufacturing. Technicians and Engineers can benefit from this course.

Course Coverage:

  • Introduction to part design for mould
  • Basics of Plastics
  • Mould Construction and Standard Components

– Cavity, Insert, Insert Plates
– Ejection System
– Sprue and Runner System
– Basic Procedure for Mould Design

  • Types of Moulds

– Standard Mould
– Mould with Stripper Plate
– Slide Moulds
– Split Cavity Moulds
– Three Plate Mould

  • Parting Line and Parting Surface
  • Shrinkage

– Definition of Shrinkage
– Tolerances
– Cause of Shrinkage
– Effect of Processing on Shrinkage

  • Ejection System

– Summary of Ejection System
– Design of Ejection System
– Determining Demoulding and Opening Forces
– Design and Dimensions of Ejector Pins
– Points of Action of Ejector Pins
– Ejector Assembly

  • Mould Materials

– Types of Tool Steel and Alloys
– Surface Finish

  • Mould Cooling

– Cooling Time
– Position of the Cooling Channels
– Design of Cooling System
– Sealing of Cooling System

  • Pockets
  • Concept of Undercut
  • Difference between Sliders and Lifters
  • Purpose of Electrodes
  • Design Practices

Participant Profile:

Engineers, Designers, Mould fitters, Machinists & Draughtsman.

Instructor Profile:
Qualified & competent professional having 20+ years in injection moulding industry will conduct this course.

This course will be delivered through lectures, multimedia presentations and videos.

Learning Outcome:
Participants will be able to grasp the professional approach to mould design, learn to do critical calculations and will be able to work on software for detailed mould designing.