Powder Metallurgy or Particulate Materials Technology (PM) is the preferred net shape method of producing medium to high lot production of complex parts with the least raw material, energy and environmental impact. This course provides an excellent platform to introduce the participants to the vast portfolio of PM technologies that can be profitably bound by the industry with special focus on niche products and application areas. Participants who are involved in PM will benefit from a deeper understanding of their activities and get an insight to recent advancements in the science and engineering of PM. Participants will be tested for the knowledge acquired and will be issued with a certificate from NIDA.

Course coverage:

  • Overview of Powder Metallurgy (PM) Technology
  • Methods for powder production
  • Powder characterization
  • Cold consolidation of powders
  • Fundamentals of sintering
  • Sintering furnaces and atmospheres
  • High density PM products manufacturing
  • Secondary treatments/ operations
  • Maintaining quality in PM
  • Applications of PM components
  • Introduction to Ceramic and Composite powders

Participant Profile:

The course is useful for all those associated with design, manufacture, buying and use of PM metal, hard metal, ceramic and composite PM parts.

Instructor Profile:

A highly qualified/certified and experienced professional in the field of PM will conduct this course.


This course will be delivered through lectures, multimedia presentations and videos.

Learning Outcome:

Participants shall be able to understand powder metallurgy (PM) technology, thorough exposure to various PM processing techniques, clarity on selection criteria for applicable technology, understand material degradation mechanism, guidelines of successful application development, product characterization and performance evaluation methods and get introduction to manufacturing standards.