Piping System Design is a key element in various fields of plant commissioning .Piping & accessories constitute major part of total capital investment in chemical, petroleum & petrochemical, pharmaceutical, power generation, fertilizer, oil & gas industries and long distance LNG/LPG/CNG piping system & irrigation projects. Piping professional plays an important role from “concept to commissioning” in all sectors of process and related industry.

Course Coverage:

  • Stress Analysis of Piping
    1. Types of loads and stresses associated with process piping
    2. Pipe supports and restraints
    3. Thermal expansion and flexibility analysis
    4. Flexible loop optimization
    5. Evaluation of pump nozzle loads
    6. Nozzle flexibilities WRC-297
    7. Generating stress isometrics
    8. Rigid vs. flexible analysis
    9. Comprehensive project

The course will be delivered through lectures, multimedia presentations, videos and hands-on practice on modern CAD/CAM specific computers.

Learning Outcome:

Participants shall be able to understand and implement relevant ASME Codes especially B 31.3to perform design calculations and generate specification of piping system components along with the capability of using computer based programs to work on piping system design and layout.