Structural dynamics is the engineering discipline concerned with the behavior of structures subjected to dynamic loading (excitation). Whereas, it is possible to accurately predict the behavior of structures under static loading, dynamic loading presents certain parameters that are difficult to model such as the damping of the structure. Therefore, to accurately determine a structure’s response to a dynamic loading, it is necessary to perform some form of structural dynamic testing such as modal testing.

Subject of structural dynamics is as old as engineering itself; the journey started from earlier invention of seismometer to measure earthquake intensity to today’s electrodynamics shaker and yet there is much more to show up in coming years.

Major key players include aerospace, automobile and mechanical engineering disciplines. Today’s fast paced and robust computing machines have given rise to a large number of vibration analysis tools. However, a sound correlation of analytical results with experimental data remains a key factor to accurately predict what’s really going on with a system under dynamic excitation.

Course Contents:

  • Introduction to mechanical vibrations
  • Single and multi‐degrees of freedom systems
  • Modal analysis
  • Dynamic analysis using finite element method
  • Why we need to test?
  • Testing requirements
  • The basics of shakers
  • Fixture design consideration
  • Learn about Sinusoidal, Random and Shock testing techniques
  • Test analysis correlation

Who Should Participate?
Anyone looking for better understanding of subject of structural dynamics and vibration testing – whether from a test laboratory or a design department can participate in this course.

The course will include a comprehensive mix of lecture slides, some video demonstration and hands on practice sessions on FEM based software.

Instructor Profile:
Instructor has more than five years of experience in the area of vibration analysis and testing. Additionally, he is foreign qualified with major in engineering design.