Welding inspection is one of the most demanding skills in the field of process industry like refineries, petrochemical plants, aviation as well as power plants. The course has been devised to cover all the aspects of the welding processes and inspection. During this course our main focus will be on the duties of the welding inspector from the initiation of the job till the completion. This course is comprised of all the aspects and details for the preparation of certified welding inspector (CWI) course. Also this course will provide forum of discussion to the participants for their own problems.

Course Coverage:

  • Introduction to welding terms
  • Joint design
  • Roles and duties of welding inspector
  • Welding defects and their causes
  • Mechanical testing of welding joints
  • Macro examination
  • Welding symbols (BSEN/AWS)
  • Details of welding processes (SMAW/MMA, GTAW/TIG, MIG/MAG, SAW, FCAW)
  • Description of welding consumables
  • Understanding of codes and electrodes
  • Description of weld repairs, stresses and distortion
  • Description of heat treatments
  • Weld-ability of steels
  • Details of non-destructive testing (DPT, MPI, UT, RT)

Participant Profile:
Engineer involved in design, fabrication, inspection of welded items. The course will be very useful for trainees as well as professionals of process industry and power sectors. The course is equally beneficial for the students and fresh graduates of Mechanical, Industrial, Metallurgical engineers and DAEs.

Instructor Profile:
A highly qualified/certified and experienced professional in the field of welding will conduct this course.

This course will be delivered through lectures, multimedia presentation, and videos.

Learning Outcome:
Participants shall be able to understand roles and duties of a welding inspector, heat treatment methods as well as non-destructive testing techniques and shall be confident to appear for the CWI certification.