Computer Hardware

In the current digital and wireless environment, a lot of accessories and hardware are involved while working on your computer. It’s compulsory for everyone to have a basic knowledge of computer and allied accessories inside the CPU for its easy use and troubleshooting. This course is designed to train the students on computer hardware.

Course coverage:

  • Introduction to computers ( Theory)
  • Difference between Hardware and software
  • Practical view of computer (internal)
  • Different Components of Computer Hardware
  • Types of Motherboards
  • Types of Ram
  • Types of hard Disk
  • Types of power supplies
  • BIOS
  • Assembling and dissembling of computer
  • Introduction to operating systems
  • Introduction to file systems
  • Installation of different OS
  • Introduction to Networking
  • Troubleshooting.

(MS Word, MS Excel, MS Power Point, MS Access, Outlook)
Familiarity with computer software and hardware is the utmost requirement of modern era. This course aims at introducing students to computer and its environment, operating systems, MS-Office tools and their applications in various fields.

Course Coverage:

  • Introduction to computer & its parts
  • Computer setup, hardware devices
  • Identifying RAM, processor, sound card & VGA card
  • Introduction to operating system environment
  • Introduction to Windows XP
  • Microsoft-Office Word
  • Microsoft-Office Excel
  • Microsoft-Office Outlook
  • Microsoft-Office PowerPoint
  • Introduction to Microsoft-Office Access
  • Internet use & web searching
  • Creating & using email addresses