(Environment, Health & Safety)

Health and safety inspectors work to protect people’s health and safety by making sure that risks in the workplace are properly controlled. They ensure employers comply with all aspects of health and safety laws and that workplaces are not the cause of ill health, injury or even death. They do this by inspecting business premises, advising employers and investigating accidents, and through enforcement of the law.

 Course Coverage:

1.       Introduction to safety
2.       Basic of HEALT & Safety in;
           a)       General Safety
           b) Industrial Safety
           c) Construction Safety
           d) Electrical Safety

3.       Introduction & importance of First Aid
4.       Fire Prevention
5.       Introduction of Hazards
6.       Introduction of Risks
7.       Accident & Incident
8.       Basic Investigation/Techniques Inspection

Participant Profile:
This course is designed for beginners who wish to pursue a carrier in safety and health practices.

 Instructor Profile:
A team of experienced and highly qualified EHS professionals are conducting this course.

This course is delivered through lectures, multimedia presentations, videos and hands-on practice on modern CAD/CAM specific computers.

Learning Outcome:
Participants will be able to

  • To practice safe working techniques and re-enforce the safety policies, guidelines, and procedures as set out by the Company.
  • To provide daily guidance and direction in EHS programs at the employee / supervisor level to ensure a common and effective approach.
  • Assist EHS TEAM’s in accident investigation
  • Ensure inspections