Ranging from electrical installations in high rise buildings to small & complex electronic devices, electrical drawings play a key role for implementing designs. This course is designed to give ample knowledge about various aspects of electrical and electronics drafting to the individuals interested in working in construction, installation and electronics industry.

Course Coverage:

  • Introduction to electrical drafting
  • Types of electrical installation systems
  • Advance Planning & designing of electrical installation
  • Single & Three Phase Electrical installation for residential buildings
  • Calculation for number of Three Phase Circuits for residential buildings
  • Size selection for cables & circuit breakers of commercial buildings
  • Rules & regulations relating earthing system
  • Introduction to CAD & CAD GUI
  • Imported data for electrical drafting in CAD
  • Drawing of a building plan for multi story building
  • Drawing of a building plan for Hospitals/Universities/Shopping Plazas
  • Installation Diagrams of Fire Alarm System & CCTV System
  • Working with the standard layouts for the Electrical Drafting
  • Showing specification and cable size in tables
  • Using Standard Wire Gage (SWG) & American Wire Gage(AWG)
  • National & International Color Coding of Electrical Wires & Cables
  • Creating service connection diagrams
  • Printing Electrical Layouts in AutoCAD
  • Introduction to Electrical Backup System
  • Designing of Advance UPS & Generator Wiring System in AutoCAD
  • Project

Participant profile:
This course is designed for candidates with minimum education level equivalent to DAE Electrical. Prior knowledge of basic computer applications will be helpful. Also very helpful for B.Sc/BE Electrical & Electronics engineering students in on-job field applications.

Instructor profile:
A team of experienced and highly qualified professionals in electrical and electronic design is conducting this course.

This course is delivered through lectures, multimedia presentations, videos and hands-on practice on modern CAD/CAM specific computers.

Learning outcome:
Participants will be able to work along Professional electrical Installation designing team. They will be able to understand different electrical symbols and circuit drawings. They will also be able to draw complex electrical and electronics circuit diagrams.